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Klassique Equine Miniatures

Welcomes you to Mackeyville, PA!

Klassique Equine Miniatures is located in Central Pennsylvania along Duck Run Road in the quite little village of Mackeyville - just off Interstate 80.

Our love and admiration for the Arabian has taken us down another path. Our goal is focused to breeding the ideal Arabian in a small package. Proud the legacy of some of the greatest Miniature Horses. Four of our stallions are SONS of Flying W Farms Little Boy Blue, Boones Little Buckeroo, Wittmaacks Mickey Mouse, Little Kings A Blazing Buck. All of our horses have pedigrees that include some of the following: Gold Melody Boy, Rowdy, Rhottens Little Dandy, Sweetbriars The Crimson Cricket and many more. These well bred horses all consist of top bloodlines producing spectacular  foals of the highest quality

Our small herd of cattle consists of the Irish Dexter and Scottish Highland breeds. We are crossing these two breeds of cattle - the Dexter for the, smaller more compact animal and the Scottish Highland for the appearance. Both breeds are known for their hardiness and high quality of meat. The combination has proven to be a hardy, low maintenance animal, producing quality meat. Due to the size of our herd, a very limit number are offered for sale annually. Thus far we've had a rather colorful calf crop - silver, strawberry blonde and white.


Sale Offerings: They are being offered solely because we have focused our breeding program on solids with a specific pattern. Please note, all horses being offered are quality animals with very nice heads, ears, toplines, legs, etc. While our breeding program is focused on a specific pattern, the quality and functionality of our horses will not be sacrificed.


Please let us know if we have something of interest posted, inquires are always welcome.


From the small of it to the large!!!

Lady Anne

DOB: 1999

True Black Shire

Lady Anne is a proven broodmare and is trained to drive and ride. She produced a beautiful filly in 2012 by The Judge. "Judge" is a 2005 stallion from Tom Price's herd located in Wales, UK. He is owned by The Gypsy Palace of Julian, PA. Since she's Princess Lilly Anne is Gypsy 50% Gypsy she is eligible for registration with the Gypsy Heritage Division of the Gypsy Horse Association (GHA). She's also eligible to be registered with American Drum Horse Association (ADHA).
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